Your Values Are Codswallop

(season 5 episode 8)

Roger Overall & Paul O’Mahony

“I have something on my mind” kicks off Paul

Napoleon, Steve Jobs,
The art of war & leadership

The public display & use of values

SWAT analysis & funding

Integrity – Quality – a list of values

Harvard Business Review

How Change Agents Branding (consultancy) came up with its key values (Manifesto)

We drew our values out of our experiences” – South Africa & UK

Key point:
our values came out of an analysis of what we were capable of. “I wasn’t capable of anything else”.

Toastmasters declare 10 promises:

(insert the Toastmasters Promise here)

Paul talks about Toastmasters – and the Promise people make when they join the organisation.

Research on Toastmasters LinkedIn Group. Paul reports on what he’s found.

BNI (Business Networking International) compared & contrasted with Toastmasters International  (Roger reports)

  • BNI Chapters – Toastmasters Clubs are local.

Singapore & Miami experience is consistent.

  • Both voluntary
  • Both local
  • Both welcome visitors
  • Both international
  • Both have ‘hierarchies”
  • Both have international conferences
  • Similar structures.

We met at BNI a long time ago

BNI insists on  ‘Substitutes’ – big difference.

The power of values-in-action contrasted with espoused value.
This is a big distinction.

Excusing dishonesty.

Organisations that have a lousy reputation

RyanAir controversy.

I would question RyanAir’s reputation” says Paul.

Niceties of service … value of cheap price

Weighting elements of their manifesto

We’ll give you cheap flights but we won’t give you good customer service” may be the RyanAir Manifesto.

Paul remembers Michael O’Leary talking when RyanAir began

Counter-cultural behaviour of RyanAir.

Trains in Germany don’t wait for you – RyanAir adopted that approach.

The power of values-in-action.

1. What do we stand for?
2. What are we capable of delivering?

Structured thinking & incorporating your values into your business.

Clarity to employees is good. For example, how we answer the phone here …

Bite Size Cafe  +  Show&Tell Communications working together.

What Bite Sized do: a list reported by Roger . (to be continued : March 2018)


Is Your Browser Experience Detestable?


For 36 minutes you’ll hear

Roger Overall & Paul O’Mahony shout

about loving your suppliers & staff


How can we win affection? 



In Episode 5 of Season 3, we sink into this challenge that tests every business.

We discuss 

  • It’s important to remember what podcast you’re on
  • Welcome “browsers” into your store – they’ll buy in future (2.00)
  • Show “you’re very welcome” (3.30)
  • Give customers space & time
  • Damn pop-up ads on websites
  • Attract some, repel others (7.40)
  • Don’t ignore loyal customers in favour of new customers (9.10)
  • Have a Web page for first time visitors (9.55) – a “Start Here” page


    Great welcomers win

We also discuss ………………

  • The big mistake we made last week (12.28)
  • “We are European” (14.25)
  • Our primary purpose  (15.10)
  • Fresh thinking from USA
  • It’s a pity we don’t have advice from Japan & China (17.00)
  • “We’re lazy” (18.00)


Admit your mistakes quickly 

We also discuss:

  • Make a fuss of your suppliers & employees (19.49)
  • How to treat your suppliers well – pay invoices on time
  • Be irresistibly attractive
  • Why it’s important to be consistent (23.30)
  • Why treat staff well
  • Case study: Amazon in Cork (24.15)
  • “Internal customers” (25.00)
  • 3 things a company can do to be genuinely attractive  (25.20)
  • Generosity
  • Respect
  • Cheerleading
  • Selling books in Ireland & USA (28.10)
  • Projecting an image of your business ethos (30:05)
  • Featuring staff  (31.00)


Do something that matters every day 

We finished with

  • Summary of key points  (31.20)
  • Cheering for Mark Cotton, our audio & music genius & Sarah (33.50)
  • He’s @mcfontaine
  • Produces The Bletchley Park Podcast
  • Truly “the bees knees”
  • Thanks to listeners (35.45)

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We offer you our best advice 

  • Be generous
  • Be respectful
  • Be a cheerleader

We spoke fondly of

  • O’Mahony’s Bookshop in Limerick
  • AJ Leon, Misfits Inc @ajleon
  • Akari Software
  • Borders Bookstore
  • Chris Brogan, author @chrisbrogan
  • David Hobby, photographer @strobist
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