Your Values Are Codswallop

(season 5 episode 8)

Roger Overall & Paul O’Mahony

“I have something on my mind” kicks off Paul

Napoleon, Steve Jobs,
The art of war & leadership

The public display & use of values

SWAT analysis & funding

Integrity – Quality – a list of values

Harvard Business Review

How Change Agents Branding (consultancy) came up with its key values (Manifesto)

We drew our values out of our experiences” – South Africa & UK

Key point:
our values came out of an analysis of what we were capable of. “I wasn’t capable of anything else”.

Toastmasters declare 10 promises:

(insert the Toastmasters Promise here)

Paul talks about Toastmasters – and the Promise people make when they join the organisation.

Research on Toastmasters LinkedIn Group. Paul reports on what he’s found.

BNI (Business Networking International) compared & contrasted with Toastmasters International  (Roger reports)

  • BNI Chapters – Toastmasters Clubs are local.

Singapore & Miami experience is consistent.

  • Both voluntary
  • Both local
  • Both welcome visitors
  • Both international
  • Both have ‘hierarchies”
  • Both have international conferences
  • Similar structures.

We met at BNI a long time ago

BNI insists on  ‘Substitutes’ – big difference.

The power of values-in-action contrasted with espoused value.
This is a big distinction.

Excusing dishonesty.

Organisations that have a lousy reputation

RyanAir controversy.

I would question RyanAir’s reputation” says Paul.

Niceties of service … value of cheap price

Weighting elements of their manifesto

We’ll give you cheap flights but we won’t give you good customer service” may be the RyanAir Manifesto.

Paul remembers Michael O’Leary talking when RyanAir began

Counter-cultural behaviour of RyanAir.

Trains in Germany don’t wait for you – RyanAir adopted that approach.

The power of values-in-action.

1. What do we stand for?
2. What are we capable of delivering?

Structured thinking & incorporating your values into your business.

Clarity to employees is good. For example, how we answer the phone here …

Bite Size Cafe  +  Show&Tell Communications working together.

What Bite Sized do: a list reported by Roger . (to be continued : March 2018)


30 Reasons to reply quickly

Paul O’Mahony & Roger Overall [P&R]
– podcasting from Cork, Ireland –
talk about how to be genuinely attractive in business today (GAIBT).

Recorded in @RepublicofWork The Mall, Cork City centre.

The podcast recording was live streamed on Periscope.

P&R discuss:

(1) A serious approach to branding.
What is your brand? It’s what others expect from your business.
“This is what you are in the mind of others…”

P&R emphasise the importance & value of doing research to find out what your business is in the minds of others –
research may surprise you.

(2) What if a business can’t afford to do research about its brand?

(3) Roger tells a story about his plans to travel from Cork to Vancouver – via Aer Lingus & Air Canada.

Paul is shocked by Air Canada.

What happened:
Roger emailed both Aer Lingus & Air Canada to find out about his luggage. He expected a poor, slow response from Aer Lingus. He expected a top class response from Air Canada.

Brand Canada is strong, much stronger than Brand Aer Lingus – in Roger’s expectations.

The shocking thing
is that Air Canada sent an email :

“We will respond to you within 30 working days.”

You hear Paul cracking-up. Paul says it’s like someone calling a fire brigade and getting a reply – “thanks for your call, we’ll be with you within 30 working days.”

BusinessJazz-S4-E3-Cartoon (1)

P&R (Paul & Roger) decide :
“Let’s send this podcast to CEO of Air Canada Calin Rovinescu”

Next time Paul books to fly Air Canada he expects a reply “we expect to be able to collect you within 30 days of your booking date.”
Horrific story – almost unbelieveable.

(In case you’re wondering, Aer Lingus sent a reply that left Roger in some doubt – but at least it was an honest answer that sounded as if they couldn’t provide an absolute guarantee that nothing would go wrong.)

Part Two:

Paul & Roger (P&R) chat about

(1) An understanding of what a brand is. Many miss the point that “I don’t have control over my brand.

(2) A book: “Markets are conversations” – the No 1 thesis in “The ClueTrain Manifesto” (1999).

P&R summarise key points from their conversation:

  • You need to have a huge interest in the expectations people already have.
  • Strong Brands discourage some people from being interested in their products & services (saves people from wasting their time). An Undertaker doesn’t want to be confused with Pizza parlour.
  • It’s good to “Be Ignorant” about what other people think
  • Don’t base your understanding & decisions on
    (1) an unrepresentative sample
    (2) what you fear people are saying

Your company values:

  • You can control the extent to which you behave in line with your values.
  • Your values can’t be changed without changing the Board, the hiring policy, the people.
  • You may gradually need to ditch some of your clients – in order to move to working with your “ideal clients”.

Many companies have “values” – value statements. But statements are not what matter most – behaviour is what people base their expectations on.

Paul tells story about a company he once worked for whose No 1 value was FUN

P&R summarise the Key Points from this week’s episode.

(Bitcoins get a brief mention)

EIR brand is an elephant or a tanker – slow to change. It’s in a market that’s high tech – fast – nimble. P&R say there’s a “phenomenal mismatch” between Eir’s brand and the market in which they aim to succeed.

“If your No 1 value is X – why do you do Y?
“If that’s your No 1 value – why are you doing that?

The ClueTrain Manifesto : “Markets are conversations” is highly recommended

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