(season 5 episode 6) Podcasting from Cork Ireland. There is a clock ticking during this episode … “People can hear their life ticking away…” says Roger. “Your time gets more valuable the longer you live …” says Roger. “I’m charged out at a much higher rate than you Roger …” says Paul. Elliott Erwitt, the photographer – how does he think? Coffee chat comes next. … Continue reading YOU NEED A NEW JOB QUICKLY

How to manage change properly

___________ Podcasting from Cork Ireland, for 26 minutes you’ll hear Roger Overall & Paul O’Mahony talking about how to manage change properly – without screwing-up Topic Transforming your business model ________________ In Episode 10 of Season 3, we chat about big stuff – nothing trivial Mini Announcement: We’re now weekly BusinessJazz begins here  Introducing ourselves (0:55) Introducing AnchorFM (2:35) Credibility of Audio v Video (3:45) … Continue reading How to manage change properly