Brand Canada is attractive

A special episode (season 4 episode 6) Recorded in a car travelling in Vancouver Canada – Roger Overall with Jane Boyd. (born on Vancouver Island) This is “Not a commercial for Vancouver.” Brand Canada is discussed. Brand Canada – Roger’s perceptions of Canada before he arrived. Edmonton connection. Canadian Mounties, on a horse – honorable, Integrity. Ultra-marathoner Gary Robbins story – reinforced the idea of being Canadian. … Continue reading Brand Canada is attractive

Truthful Useful Stories Make You Travel

___________ Podcasting from Cork Ireland, for 35 minutes you’ll hear Roger Overall & Paul O’Mahony riff off each other, playing “Go off trail – you’ll fail‘ Topic A truthful story – A useful story ________________ In Episode 14 of Season 3, we show you it’s vital you don’t lose control of your story. We want you to become more genuinely attractive in business today In … Continue reading Truthful Useful Stories Make You Travel