Brilliant customer service leads to profits through loyalty

Podcasting from Cork Ireland for 36 minutes
you’ll hear Roger Overall & Paul O’Mahony
talk about customer service to
Help you attract & keep more customers


In Episode 7 of Season 3, we address a problem many businesses don’t know they have.

We start with surprising questions

  • Who invented the term “airplane mode”?
  • Why the heater was blasting away in Roger’s office



We get into the meat

  • The weather for entrepreneurs & startups can be unpleasant
  • Should business people pretend they’re feeling great when they aren’t?
  • Is it better to be “authentic” or always have your best face forward?
  • Should podcasts be perfect or should they (sometimes) show bad humour?
  • Why Paul felt like flagellating in the corner – not flatulating
  • Is ‘real‘ communication better than ‘consistent‘ communication?

And move on to 

  • A story from days of corporate culture transformation in London
  • How mistakes in customer service & recovering well can deepen rapport
  • Is it wise to make deliberate cock-ups & recover with style?
  • Deliberate breakdown of coach, sweets, replacement coach & refund
  • Word-of-mouth marketing is powerful


All this can be fun – when you do it well

There’s plenty more 

  • What should a waiter do?
  • The behaviour of waiter clattering  a cup of coffee
  • Most apologies are insincere & fake.
  • How to apologise to a customer
  • Human connections – make yourself ‘vulnerable’ (9.05)
  • Dreadful pints of Guinness are served (8.20)
  • Customers have crap days – may empathise with you – sometimes (9.30)
  • If you’re a miserable git all the time – or a misery gut occasionally (10.00)
  • When your default setting is “miserable” (10.35)
  • Humans have bad days (11.25)
  • The challenge is to explain in an impressive way (10.50)
  • You don’t have to beat yourself up when you let yourself down (12.05)
  • Don’t hiss at the cat, bark at the dog & let everyone have it (12:45)

There are more stories

  • From the days of corporate transformation in London Transport (13.10)
  • Making Mistakes in customer service & recovering well deepens rapport
  • Deliberate cock-ups are tricky
  • If you breakdown, hand out sweets, provide replacement coach + refund
  • Word-of-mouth marketing works

The best story – told by Roger

  • A Richard Branson story – heard from Dinah Liversidge (16.40)
  • Virgin Airways destroyed wheelchair – what they did to make it up to her
  • Unequivocal apology – no mincing words
  • Richard Branson phoned her – maybe from a balloon
  • Dina got the Rolls Royce of wheelchairs
  • She switched her custom from British Airways to Virgin Atlantic
  • How many have heard that story?
  • People who get lousy customer service
  • Dina decided she didn’t want to be paralysed anymore
  • Sarah Weldon was also paralysed
  • It’s great when you overcome extraordinary disabilities
  • Andy Bounds, blind, turned that into ‘Clearer Communications’ business
  • It’s good to design buses for people with disabilities – it helps everyone
  • Exceptionally clear communications impress & lead to loyalty


Some companies are astonishing & worth copying

You can be magnificent

When things go wrong

  • Does being moody damage your business? (27.00)
  • Yes – if you do certain things – and not if it isn’t a pattern
  • Cocking-up a meal in a restaurant
  • Rant by Paul about the ruined meal
  • Knock money off the bill
  • Free meals for all
  • Vouchers encourage customers to return
  • What’s the marginal cost of providing a meal in a restaurant?
  • You can recover from giving lousy service – but how? (31.05)

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Our 3 best bits of advice

  • You can make the second impression more powerful than the first – and diminish the impact of a poor first impression 
  • Being moody is human – dealing with it well can lead to even better relations with customers
  • If you’re apologising, be whole-hearted 

We spoke fondly of

  • London Transport
  • Dinah Liversidge
  • Business Networking International (BNI)
  • British Airways
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Richard Branson
  • Rolls Royce
  • Andy Bounds

Let’s work together – fondly
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@omaniblog on Twitter – Phone Paul  (phone number on podcast)
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@mcfontaine Mark Cotton (sound)  AudioWrangler

We’ll be back

After Episode 6- epilogue

Hear Roger & Paul chatting after recording the podcast.

The two podcasters from Cork reviewed the key points.


Hear Roger & Paul chatting after recording the podcast.

The two podcasters from Cork reviewed the key points.

Paul tells the story of how he intended to dump Sky and move to Eir.  And how he ended up dumping Eir…

Roger showed Paul a “standard” email he got.  Together they ridiculed it.

Post-mortem, autopsy, post-script …

How to phone future customers successfully


Podcasting from Cork Ireland, for 31 minutes you’ll hear

Roger Overall & Paul O’Mahony tell stories

to  “Help You Go Cold-Calling”


Attractive cold-calling?


In Episode 6 of Season 3, we address a phobias many business people say they have.

We discuss 

  • Roger’s dreadful “vile” emailing skills (3.05)
  • How to give something valuable to potential customers (5.29)
  • What Roger should have done (6.30)
  • The “human” thing to do (+ what not to do) (7.00)
  • The “perfect” formula (8.10)


It’s great to get a gift – give gifts…

We also discuss

  • Real cold calling (8.30)
  • High-value service (9.10)
  • Expect nothing back (9.30)
  • Non-attribution licencing (9.50)
  • Win-Win behaviour (10.30)

We even discuss 

  • Advantages “creatives” have  (11.40)
  • How you can write them a blogpost for them to customise (12.05)
  • Beacon technology (12.25)
  • Auto-mechanics (13.02)
  • Random acts of kindness (13.30)
  • Cold-calling all Restaurants in Cork City (14.35)

Any type of business can “cold-call” prospective clients


  • 3 big reasons why people hate cold-calling:
    – Fear of strangers (15.35)
    – Fear of hearing “No” (15.15)
    – Getting past gatekeepers (15.45)
  • Leaflet-dropping, mass mailing (16.20)
  • Example of inventing copy for an email (16.45)
  • Paul’s fundraising experience rattling tin cans in Limerick (17.40)
  • Westonbirt Arboretum (tree place) in UK story (18.50)
  • 99% rejection is good
  • Local & business knowledge matters (20.20)
  • Status of client is important (20.50)

We finished with

  • Hooking the person to be interested in you before you go selling (21.20)
  • Extra motivation for calling – research about business culture (21.45)
  • Making lists of people to contact another time (23.00)
  • Getting permission to contact them again (23.30)
  • Maybe it’s great to be rejected (25.00)

Permission is Genius

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Our (9) best advice 

  • Don’t do what Roger did  (25.35)
  • Do something which is a free gift (25.45)
  • Seek nothing in return (26.00)
  • Seek permission to talk or call again (27.25)
  • Use your status (27.00)
  • Create a point of interest to build rapport (27.40)
  • See every response as a bonus (28.10)
  • Always seek permission to call again (28.30)
  • Keep your morale up (29.20)


We spoke fondly of 

Beer breweries
Restaurants in Cork, Ireland
Motor mechanics
Westonbirt – The National Arboretum
Tewksbury, UK
Malmsbury, UK

Let’s work together – fondly
Roger @rogeroverall  Show and Tell
Paul @omaniblog
Us @bizjazzpodcast
Mark @mcfontaine (sound)

Is Your Browser Experience Detestable?


For 36 minutes you’ll hear

Roger Overall & Paul O’Mahony shout

about loving your suppliers & staff


How can we win affection? 



In Episode 5 of Season 3, we sink into this challenge that tests every business.

We discuss 

  • It’s important to remember what podcast you’re on
  • Welcome “browsers” into your store – they’ll buy in future (2.00)
  • Show “you’re very welcome” (3.30)
  • Give customers space & time
  • Damn pop-up ads on websites
  • Attract some, repel others (7.40)
  • Don’t ignore loyal customers in favour of new customers (9.10)
  • Have a Web page for first time visitors (9.55) – a “Start Here” page


    Great welcomers win

We also discuss ………………

  • The big mistake we made last week (12.28)
  • “We are European” (14.25)
  • Our primary purpose  (15.10)
  • Fresh thinking from USA
  • It’s a pity we don’t have advice from Japan & China (17.00)
  • “We’re lazy” (18.00)


Admit your mistakes quickly 

We also discuss:

  • Make a fuss of your suppliers & employees (19.49)
  • How to treat your suppliers well – pay invoices on time
  • Be irresistibly attractive
  • Why it’s important to be consistent (23.30)
  • Why treat staff well
  • Case study: Amazon in Cork (24.15)
  • “Internal customers” (25.00)
  • 3 things a company can do to be genuinely attractive  (25.20)
  • Generosity
  • Respect
  • Cheerleading
  • Selling books in Ireland & USA (28.10)
  • Projecting an image of your business ethos (30:05)
  • Featuring staff  (31.00)


Do something that matters every day 

We finished with

  • Summary of key points  (31.20)
  • Cheering for Mark Cotton, our audio & music genius & Sarah (33.50)
  • He’s @mcfontaine
  • Produces The Bletchley Park Podcast
  • Truly “the bees knees”
  • Thanks to listeners (35.45)

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We offer you our best advice 

  • Be generous
  • Be respectful
  • Be a cheerleader

We spoke fondly of

  • O’Mahony’s Bookshop in Limerick
  • AJ Leon, Misfits Inc @ajleon
  • Akari Software
  • Borders Bookstore
  • Chris Brogan, author @chrisbrogan
  • David Hobby, photographer @strobist
  • Rich Roberts @FiremanRich
  • Mark Cotton, sound engineer @mcfontaine
  • USA, Canada, Europe, Germany, Japan, China, Manilla, Mexico, Texas, Vietnam, Australia

Be Irresistible


For 33 minutes you’ll hear

Roger Overall & Paul O’Mahony fight

for the cause of being “Irresistible”


What if your business is new & you’ve no track record?



on their website…

in every presentation…

We  discuss 

  • Why your “About Us” page is important
  • What you should put on your “About Us” page
  • The need to assure people your business will continue in future
  • How to win trust for a new business


Mistakes are appealing

We also discuss these wonderful challenges

  • The search for a compelling story
  • What you’ve done before helps 
  • Your ambition is appealing (“Sketch your dream”)
  • Challenge the status quo 
  • Trade on desire & lust – not fear


Say the status quo “stinks”

Be challenging

We went on to sing:

It’s never too late to enter the storytelling race”

“We’re going to do it better

Our story is irresistible”


Be compelling & provocative



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about #BusinessJazzPodcast


We offer you our best advice 

  • Declare & reveal your “business track record”
  • Talk about your dream
  • Say the status quo “stinks”
  • Remember that the “Best Story Wins” (BSW)
  • Be “Irresistible” – rather than good


We spoke fondly of 

Aran Islands & Inis Mór, Killarney, Lisbon

Hamburg, Germany, Abu Dhabi, EU

Show & Tell Communications

Bill Gates

Pat Phelan – Trustev

O’Mahony & Co Booksellers in Limerick

Explorer Sarah Weldon (Alderney, Channel Islands, UK) – The Oceans Project

China, Australia


Holland, France

Jonathan Amm (ChangeAgents Branding)

Aodan Enright & Smarter Egg

Pat McDonnell Paints, Cork