(season 5 episode 6)

Podcasting from Cork Ireland.

There is a clock ticking during this episode …

“People can hear their life ticking away…” says Roger.

Your time gets more valuable the longer you live …” says Roger.

I’m charged out at a much higher rate than you Roger …” says Paul.

Elliott Erwitt, the photographer – how does he think?

Coffee chat comes next.

No coffee company sponsors Business Jazz – “we’re not attractive enough yet” says Paul

Gary Vaynerchuk went ranting yesterday – says Roger.

The contrast between your two personalities is significant” says Paul

Parents shouldn’t impose their dreams on their children …

At the beginning of his business career Gary Vaynerchuk worked in the family business. He was living his parents’ dream – wasn’t he?

Gary took the conventional route” says Paul.

I knew his father, I played golf with his father, mixed foursomes with his parents …” says Paul.

Call him on Skype” says Paul.

Casey Neistat , the You Tuber, doesn’t like being asleep – Roger says.

FOMO = fear of missing out

“How is this at all relevant Roger …? –

Gary Vaynerchuk is a trombone says Paul

Customer service plea by Roger

sounds like sloppy stuff” says Paul.

I’m really going to enjoy things when I retire” – Paul sounds horrified as he reports that he’s heard many people saying this.

Let’s try and think of the others” pleads Paul to Roger.

You’ll end up in a job you hate …” Roger says

After work I can go to opera” says Paul

It’s not the end of the world to be in a job your don’t like” says Paul.

Paul gives a sermon on “Suck it up“.

You are become the most amazing stoic …” intones Roger.

Clever use of rhyme perhaps.

8 hours a day = 1/3 of your life, says mathematician Roger.

Business Jazz Podcast is for people who like their job and for people who don’t like their job. This is an equal opportunity podcast.

Are you absolutely sure this is the right job for you?” = a great question for a consultant to use.

Are you absolutely sure you’re on the right planet?” (as Elan Musk says)

Gary Vaynerchuk’s life summarised by Roger …

We can tell a story” says Paul – as he starts to speak about a job he began ages ago.

How Paul learned a lot from bad experiences in London.

I’m distracted by the ticking clock … ” blurts Paul.

Roger takes his turn at telling a story.

You can connect with Paul & Roger – “Personally on line” – at

Thank goodness
– the next episode will sound very different

The End.


Treasure These Words On Choppy Seas

(season 5 episode 1)

Could Business Jazz get into the Guinness Book of Records?

Longest single episode of a podcast?

This episode is all about Chris Brogan’s #My3Words.

Context & timing are important in every business.

Business Jazz Podcast probably wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Chris Brogan’s weekly newsletters.

Three words that act as your guides for the year… is where you can find Chris Brogan’s three words – every year since 2006.

Put your three words in your diary so you see them every day …

Make them your screensaver …

Have them tattooed …

Make a new business card each year with your words on them …

You hear Roger & Paul discussing Paul’s three words

[Strava & Runkeeper = running Apps Roger uses.]

“Planning Quality Moments” – Roger’s three words.

Roger creates a huge amount in his work – but if you just create in a vacuum that’s not good enough.

Planning is an on-going process.

“I’m going to start seriously planning stuff” says Roger.

You hear Roger describe how he allocates his time.

I want to focus more on being ‘in the moment’…

How golfers stay in the zone for small bits of time …

“My time is getting progressively more valuable to me” says Roger.

Making sure I do the best work I can with the resources available to me …

Why do you think anyone could benefit from this approach?

Your words won’t make you feel bad, they nudge you along.

The year is going to be “choppy waters” – the words help you think on your feet, make decisions, remain flexible …

You can find Paul and Roger at “