Brand Canada is attractive

A special episode (season 4 episode 6) Recorded in a car travelling in Vancouver Canada – Roger Overall with Jane Boyd. (born on Vancouver Island) This is “Not a commercial for Vancouver.” Brand Canada is discussed. Brand Canada – Roger’s perceptions of Canada before he arrived. Edmonton connection. Canadian Mounties, on a horse – honorable, Integrity. Ultra-marathoner Gary Robbins story – reinforced the idea of being Canadian. … Continue reading Brand Canada is attractive

How to reduce stress & worry

___________ Podcasting from Cork Ireland, for 33 minutes you’ll hear Roger Overall & Paul O’Mahony riff off each other, playing “Mindfulness & Meditation” Topic How to reduce stress & worry? In Episode 12 of Season 3, we discuss: We discuss fundamentals Strange start: Paul has nothing to say this week (0.05) There are times to reflect & live in silence (0.18) Mindful business (1.04) Mickey … Continue reading How to reduce stress & worry