Be Irresistible


For 33 minutes you’ll hear

Roger Overall & Paul O’Mahony fight

for the cause of being “Irresistible”


What if your business is new & you’ve no track record?



on their website…

in every presentation…

We  discuss 

  • Why your “About Us” page is important
  • What you should put on your “About Us” page
  • The need to assure people your business will continue in future
  • How to win trust for a new business


Mistakes are appealing

We also discuss these wonderful challenges

  • The search for a compelling story
  • What you’ve done before helps 
  • Your ambition is appealing (“Sketch your dream”)
  • Challenge the status quo 
  • Trade on desire & lust – not fear


Say the status quo “stinks”

Be challenging

We went on to sing:

It’s never too late to enter the storytelling race”

“We’re going to do it better

Our story is irresistible”


Be compelling & provocative



Appeal to our supporters :

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We offer you our best advice 

  • Declare & reveal your “business track record”
  • Talk about your dream
  • Say the status quo “stinks”
  • Remember that the “Best Story Wins” (BSW)
  • Be “Irresistible” – rather than good


We spoke fondly of 

Aran Islands & Inis Mór, Killarney, Lisbon

Hamburg, Germany, Abu Dhabi, EU

Show & Tell Communications

Bill Gates

Pat Phelan – Trustev

O’Mahony & Co Booksellers in Limerick

Explorer Sarah Weldon (Alderney, Channel Islands, UK) – The Oceans Project

China, Australia


Holland, France

Jonathan Amm (ChangeAgents Branding)

Aodan Enright & Smarter Egg

Pat McDonnell Paints, Cork