Treasure These Words On Choppy Seas

(season 5 episode 1) Could Business Jazz get into the Guinness Book of Records? Longest single episode of a podcast? This episode is all about Chris Brogan’s #My3Words. Context & timing are important in every business. Business Jazz Podcast probably wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Chris Brogan’s weekly newsletters. Three words that act as your guides for the year… is where you can … Continue reading Treasure These Words On Choppy Seas

Being Blind to Gender is Foolish

(season 4 episode 7) Note: This episode was live streamed via Periscope. You hear Roger Overall somewhere in British Columbia, Canada – talking with Paul O’Mahony in his kitchen in Cork Ireland. There’s a short conversation about Canada First Nation people Then a few words about Jane Boyd. Jane Boyd, a previous host (“leading lady”) on Business Jazz, has lost her voice. Somehow Paul & … Continue reading Being Blind to Gender is Foolish

Brand Canada is attractive

A special episode (season 4 episode 6) Recorded in a car travelling in Vancouver Canada – Roger Overall with Jane Boyd. (born on Vancouver Island) This is “Not a commercial for Vancouver.” Brand Canada is discussed. Brand Canada – Roger’s perceptions of Canada before he arrived. Edmonton connection. Canadian Mounties, on a horse – honorable, Integrity. Ultra-marathoner Gary Robbins story – reinforced the idea of being Canadian. … Continue reading Brand Canada is attractive

Catastrophes are highly desirable

Podcasting from Cork Ireland Paul O’Mahony & Roger Overall discuss disasters. Recorded in Republic of Work, Cork City centre. The podcast starts with Roger & Paul describing what happened the last time they recorded the podcast. A disaster. The episode was lost : the recording equipment failed. That ‘catastrophe’ led to discussion about “What should a company do when it has a major failure?” All … Continue reading Catastrophes are highly desirable

How to seduce your ideal client

This episode of Business Jazz Podcast is (mainly) about : How to do an elevator pitch to the CEO of your ‘ideal potential client’. _________________ Podcasting from Cork Ireland Paul O’Mahony & Roger Overall talk about how to be genuinely attractive in business today (GAIBT). __________________ There is no perfect way. You need to find your best way. There are some essentials & some desirables. You … Continue reading How to seduce your ideal client