Be yourself – Watch for confirmation bias

Podcasting from Cork Ireland,
for 35 minutes you’ll hear
Roger Overall & Paul O’Mahony talk business

This is the start of Season 4.
(1) You hear P&R address the topic of SWEARING in business – and swearing during podcasts.

Blasphemy, GaryVee & iHeartRadio are discussed. One person’s unattractive phrase is another person’s way of emphasising a point – or attracting attention.

How you present your business matters – but what about presenting yourself in a GENUINE way?

Paul & Roger (P&R) argue

  • your website is your home on line
  • it’s where you can be who you want to be

(2) You own your website – you don’t own ‘platforms’ like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Snapchat, Audioboom.

A platform has the power & right to change its terms & conditions. What happens to your stuff if they change direction?

(3) P&R carry out a ‘thought experiment”.
What if you want to connect with people who would dislike your usual way of presenting yourself – what should you do?

What about attracting people on a false basis? Like using a woman’s voice to introduce a podcast – and then presenting male voices in the podcast – like Business Jazz does?

P&R talk about Sarah & Mark.

(4) The Audioboom Story
How Audioboom recently changed its focus and terms & conditions. How Audioboom communicated the changes to people who’d used their service for years.

Roger rants against the $9.99 price point too many companies adopt.

Paul thinks companies should reward early adopters & big users who’ve helped a platform to grow – rather than ignoring them.

What follows is detailed discussion about how some people responded to an email from Audioboom: Paul was “particularly pleased & shocked to get a reply so quickly” – four others reacted differently.

This led to discussion about ‘confirmation bias’. People tend to look for confirmation of their expectations.


Roger summarises the suggestions made during the podcast:
(1) Pay attention to the risk of ‘confirmation bias’ – its always there.
(2) A single communication doesn’t exist in a vacuum – best to have a unified approach to all your communications.
(3) Your Brand : it’s what people expect from you – attend to the reputation of your brand all the time.


Thank’s very much for listening to Season 4. We intend to serve you well.
Paul O’Mahony & Roger Overall.
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Be extraordinarily attractive to staff

Podcasting from Cork Ireland, for 43 minutes you’ll hear
Roger Overall & Paul O’Mahony
riff off each other,
playing “You can’t do it alone

Attracting Staff, Partners & Funders

In Episode 13 of Season 3,
we help you think about your staff & business partners.
We want you to become more attractive in business today
We discuss 

  • What about the staff, employees, partners? [1.10]
  • You need a partner [1.35]
  • Why one-person businesses don’t work [1.45]
  • The squabble between Roger & Paul [4.05]
  • With staff comes headaches [4.50]
  • You need to find right people and able people [5.30]
  • You have to make yourself an appealing employer [5.45]
  • The flower shop story – Best of Buds in Cork [6.20]
  • One of Paul’s clients makes software for universities [7.30]
  • Every business is always in competition for staff [8.40]
  • Roger goes for water [9.07]

We also discuss ….

  • Republic of Work people & Partners  [10.00]
  • The importance of signage & balloons for business [11.20]
  • Solopreneurs [11.30]
  • BusinessJazz has Lennon & McCartney [13.30]
  • You need to attract great people to work with you [13.55]
  • How can you afford to take on new staff? [14.25]
  • One of the most important points about business [15.30]
  • Funding the business [16.00]
  • What about doing the work [16.35]
  • The Vaynerchuk approach [16.05]
  • Saving money – having reserves [17.35]
  • The behaviour of banks [17.50]
  • Raising money from investors [18.20]
  • What potential investors look for [18.45]
  • Never borrow from family? [19.10]
  • Kickstarter – the Peter Cox story [19.50]
  • How Peter Cox failed to hit his target  [22.10]
  • Peter Cox needed to attract his “ideal” staff [24.30]
  • Writing a ‘person specification’ [25.05]
  • Selecting staff – avoiding ‘bullshit’ [26.00]
  • Getting on (gelling) with people in the company [28.40]
  • The company’s angle – the employee’s job [29.45]
  • “How can I make myself genuinely attractive in business today?” [30.05]
  • Treating an employer as a customer [30.20]
  • Being ‘irreplaceable’ [31.00]
  • Paul can’t remember the point he was going to make [30.45]
  • Best example of a company making its staff feel really valued [31.50]
  • Roger’s South Africa story [32.30]
  • Providing employees with the right equipment [34.55]
  • The right amount of pressure [35.20]
  • Summary [37.15]

We offer you our best advice:

(1) You can’t do it all on your own – you must find supporters

(2) This podcast is relevant to you no matter what your business is.

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We spoke fondly of

John Lennon & Paul McCartney
Mick Jagger & Keith Richards
Simon & Garfunkel
Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg,  Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz & Chris Hughes
T S Eliot & Ezra Pound
Best of Buds (Cork)
Akari Software
Republic of Work, Bank of Ireland, Nespresso, (Peter Coppinger & Dan Mackey)
Sherlock Holmes
Show&Tell Communications (Roger’s company)
Change Agents Branding
Jonathan Amm
Gary Vaynerchuk
Dragons’ Den
Peter Cox Photography
Michael Port
MS Word & Excel
Let’s work together – fondly

Roger Overall
@rogeroverall Show&Tell Communications     (and – running & cartoons)

Paul O’Mahony @omaniblog
BusinessJazz Services @bizjazzpodcast

Mark Cotton @mcfontaine.
– for your audio requirements – Bletchley Park Podcast 

After Episode 6- epilogue

Hear Roger & Paul chatting after recording the podcast.

The two podcasters from Cork reviewed the key points.


Hear Roger & Paul chatting after recording the podcast.

The two podcasters from Cork reviewed the key points.

Paul tells the story of how he intended to dump Sky and move to Eir.  And how he ended up dumping Eir…

Roger showed Paul a “standard” email he got.  Together they ridiculed it.

Post-mortem, autopsy, post-script …

How to phone future customers successfully


Podcasting from Cork Ireland, for 31 minutes you’ll hear

Roger Overall & Paul O’Mahony tell stories

to  “Help You Go Cold-Calling”


Attractive cold-calling?


In Episode 6 of Season 3, we address a phobias many business people say they have.

We discuss 

  • Roger’s dreadful “vile” emailing skills (3.05)
  • How to give something valuable to potential customers (5.29)
  • What Roger should have done (6.30)
  • The “human” thing to do (+ what not to do) (7.00)
  • The “perfect” formula (8.10)


It’s great to get a gift – give gifts…

We also discuss

  • Real cold calling (8.30)
  • High-value service (9.10)
  • Expect nothing back (9.30)
  • Non-attribution licencing (9.50)
  • Win-Win behaviour (10.30)

We even discuss 

  • Advantages “creatives” have  (11.40)
  • How you can write them a blogpost for them to customise (12.05)
  • Beacon technology (12.25)
  • Auto-mechanics (13.02)
  • Random acts of kindness (13.30)
  • Cold-calling all Restaurants in Cork City (14.35)

Any type of business can “cold-call” prospective clients


  • 3 big reasons why people hate cold-calling:
    – Fear of strangers (15.35)
    – Fear of hearing “No” (15.15)
    – Getting past gatekeepers (15.45)
  • Leaflet-dropping, mass mailing (16.20)
  • Example of inventing copy for an email (16.45)
  • Paul’s fundraising experience rattling tin cans in Limerick (17.40)
  • Westonbirt Arboretum (tree place) in UK story (18.50)
  • 99% rejection is good
  • Local & business knowledge matters (20.20)
  • Status of client is important (20.50)

We finished with

  • Hooking the person to be interested in you before you go selling (21.20)
  • Extra motivation for calling – research about business culture (21.45)
  • Making lists of people to contact another time (23.00)
  • Getting permission to contact them again (23.30)
  • Maybe it’s great to be rejected (25.00)

Permission is Genius

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Our (9) best advice 

  • Don’t do what Roger did  (25.35)
  • Do something which is a free gift (25.45)
  • Seek nothing in return (26.00)
  • Seek permission to talk or call again (27.25)
  • Use your status (27.00)
  • Create a point of interest to build rapport (27.40)
  • See every response as a bonus (28.10)
  • Always seek permission to call again (28.30)
  • Keep your morale up (29.20)


We spoke fondly of 

Beer breweries
Restaurants in Cork, Ireland
Motor mechanics
Westonbirt – The National Arboretum
Tewksbury, UK
Malmsbury, UK

Let’s work together – fondly
Roger @rogeroverall  Show and Tell
Paul @omaniblog
Us @bizjazzpodcast
Mark @mcfontaine (sound)

Be vulnerable & practise empathy



For 32 minutes you’ll hear

Roger Overall & Paul O’Mahony prowl

around this thorny issue


What if your business is vulnerable & you’re low on empathy?



In Episode 3 of Season 3 , we prowl round an issue which every business (owner & service provider) better address.


in order to succeed impressively…

We discuss how #BusinessJazzPodcast is going to achieve: awareness & love.

  • What if you have a rat in your business? (crisis management)
  • What if the competition’s so fierce that no one finishes the race? (service design)
  • How to be the last woman standing (sustainable survival)



Don’t call Gary Vaynerchuk if there’s a breath left in your business body


We go on to discuss gargantuan issues (feared by most)

  • Customers are Vulnerable
  • You need Empathy to succeed
  • Unfortunately – you know too much about your business



Drink a pint of the Soft Stuff (emotional intelligence)


Appeal from our sponsors:

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(9.5 would also be good)


we offer you advice

The 4 best bits of advice you’ll ever get for us:

(on how to start becoming genuinely attractive in business today)

  • Find your first (paying) customer
  • Practise the art of patience
  • Stop
  • Feel how vulnerable your customers feel

(listen to the podcast again)


We spoke fondly of 

Barcley Marathons (in Frozen Head State Park near Wartburg, Tennessee. founded by Gary “Lazarus Lake” Cantrell)

Gary Vaynerchuk

The Christian feast of Christmas

Zen Buddism

Netflix Documentary

“The Lean Startup” by Eric Reiss

Apple Tim Cook

Bill Gates

Nash19 (Restaurant & Food Shop in Cork Ireland)

EMC (in Ovens, County Cork, Ireland – connected with Dell)

Smarter Egg Network (in Cork Ireland)

Show & Tell Communications (in Cork Ireland)

“From Zero to One” by Peter Thiel

World War I

The US Civil War

Arrow  Pest Control (SME in Cork Ireland)

The Trouble with Fridges

Wearing Wellingtons while plugging in fridges


Let’s work together – fondly




Attract ideal people to your business

For 34 minutes, you’ll hear

Roger Overall & Paul O’Mahony grapple

with a fundamental business issues.


What must we do to attract more lovers?


In Episode 2 of Season 3 , we (Roger & Paul) grapple with a vexing challenge every business person faces.

We discuss how we’re going to achieve a big advance for this podcast: growth

  • Why should anyone trust us? (brand character)
  • What are our credentials?  (back-story)
  • What’s our track-record? (back-story)
  • Will people believe what we say? (brand credibility)
  • How’ll we get BusinessJazz Podcast better known (build awareness)
  • Should every business launch a podcast? (rush into action)
  • What about using Periscope?

Desperate for success,

you hear us give up business and take up golf

  • What kind of golf do we want to play?
  • What’s our aim?
  • What’s our No 1 golf club?
  • Who do we want to play with?

Thinking about golf

helps you think about your business

(In this we trust)

We go on to discuss really gargantuan issues, including

  • Who do we want this podcast to help?
  • Who are our ideal clients or collaborators?
  • Who am I?


We’re not fit to work for Google, MicroSoft

or any giant corporate

even if they beg us

  • With whom do you do your best work?
  • For whom will you go beyond the extra mile?
  • Why is buying ECCO Shoes a good idea?

It’s about time we asked

the blindingly obvious.

Who are our best friends & supporters?” (BFS)

What would they do for us if only we asked them?

What if we asked our best friends & supporters

Please tell one other person

about BusinessJazz Podcast

(9.5 would also be good)


we offer you advice
which hits us so hard in the face
we have to follow it immediately…

The 4 best bits of advice you’ll ever get for us

on how to start becoming genuinely attractive in business today

(listen to the last 5 minutes of the podcast)


We spoke fondly of this book 

  • The Lean Start-Up (Eric Reis) – chapter 1 & 2


We nearly spoke fondly about

  • Barkley Marathons (designed by Gary “Lazarus Lake” Cantrell)


Let’s work together – fondly




What startups need to do to be loved

For 32 minutes, you’ll hear
Roger Overall & Paul O’Mahony grapple
with a fundamental business issue.

Topic :
What must startups do to be genuinely attractive?


In Episode 1 of a new Season, we (Roger & Paul) live the BusinessJazz podcast as a Startup.

We stumble our way through the music of this adventure…


we want you to get your message out to customers & supporters

– in a genuinely attractive style.

You hear our nerves rattle
around nerve-wracking challenges:

  • What’s your quest?
  • What does money mean?
  • Your philosophy & values
  • Your backstory
  • Why you’re particularly attractive when you’re vulnerable
  • “Cliff-hanging” for attention
  • How’ve you survived so far?
  • Business Jazz melody – “Give team members a solo”


We spoke fondly of these people :

Jane Boyd (“Jane of Arc”, extraordinary Human, Podcaster)
Liz Strauss (Author of “Anything You Put Your Mind To”)
Chris Brogan (Author, “Newsletter Man”, Marketing Consultant)
Macolgan (Catalyst from Scotland)
Mark Cotton (generous & hyper-competent Sound Engineer, Composer, Musician)
Tin Tin (Character by Hergé aka Georges Remi) – Roger’s favourite adventure storyteller
Benjamin Bunny (Character by Beatrix Potter) – Paul’s favourite adventure story
Winnie the Pooh (by AA Milne) – Paul’s 2nd choice of adventure story
Dante (Poet, Author of “Inferno”)
Simon Sinek (the man who asked “WHY?”)
Michael Port (Author of “Book Yourself Solid”)
James Altucher (Author, “I murdered the kids”, Podcaster)
Cork Jazz Festival (28 – 31 October 2016)
Yusef Lateef RIP (Musician 1920 – 2013)
David Bailey MBE (The special Man from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Podcaster)
To continue the work together

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