Succeed Richly by Banishing Them


Paul O’Mahony & Roger Overall chat in Lab82, a Cork Coffee & Espresso Bar, 
(Roger’s business is called Show & Tell Communications.)

[Please note: This episode isn’t sponsored by Lab82, though we talk about it on the show.]

You hear the conversation about 29 rubber ducks, Bert & Ernie, and the feel of the place,
There is a rubber duck in bondage gear, across the road from Cork railway station.

This is the cafe where Roger met Phil Daly (photographer) & Pat Frawley (printer) last time he was here.

The Big Question

“Do you get the experience of a coherent style here Paul?”
This place is not elegant, not sophisticated – it is a coherent mixture
Can you succeed in business today by being eclectic, messy, around the houses?  If you are a muddle?

Two of the companies Roger works for Lee Reeve, hand painter of kitchens, and iDriveGroup, executive car transfer in Ireland, are very focussed. It’s relatively easy to come up with content for them because there is nothing messy about them.

Show & Tell does a long list of things.
“Its the way the List is presented that matters most”.

Part 2
The Big Question

How about a website that speaks to you?

How many companies have a visual website? Almost 100%?

Why can’t you listen to a company online? Why isn’t there an audio file which you can click, and listen to what’s on the site?

The potential of audio on websites.
You can talk about everything you make, and every service you offer. It could be attractive to blind people. It could be attractive to people on the move, who’d like to listen while doing something else.

(After 12 minutes)
Blinding revelation:
(Roger’s business is called Show & Tell Communications.)
You hear Roger have an epiphany.
Show & Tell means See & Hear
We will show you what we do, and we will tell you what we do.”
(“Tell” as in we will speak to you in a human voice, and tell you all we offer.)

The relationship between business & customer.
The Musgrave Group example shows great use of images to suggest there’s an actual & potential partnership here.

The Health Spa Story
Roger was in a health spa – a hospital in Cork – during 2018.

Please offer a soft food alternative” was a fantastic sign & instruction to staff because

  • the first word was “Please”
  • “Offer” is a powerful word – it offers choice, it’s not prescriptive, it’s a two-way relationship word

We & You
We offer, You choose
This is how you create a relationship. People feel involved.
Transform Us & Them to We & You
We’re working together – this is the kind of emotional feel you want – when you hope for repeat business.

Everyone’s interested in having a long term relationship. An on-going relationship is your dearest wish.

The crazy story
Roger & Paul worked at QQI (Quality & Qualifications Ireland) – podcasting.
Roger remembers what Paul said to him in the car on the journey home from Dublin to Cork… (You must listen to this to find out what was said, and how significant it turned out to be.)

Summarising the chat

A website can talk to you. Such audio could be an unusual & distinctive feature (and an idea for Show & Tell Communications to put into practice).  This could help build trust.

Paul remembers Steve Jobs – what he said about offering the customer something the customer didn’t know was even possible.

Roger make a commitment to change his website.
Paul responded with

How will you celebrate
the fact that S&T website has become a place where people can hear?
We’ll let you know what happens next.

Please tell someone about this podcast.

Please contact us whenever you like
Roger Overall at 
Paul O’Mahony at @omaniblog on Twitter

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