“Read Your Customer’s Emotions Perfectly”

(season 5 episode 3)

Podcasting from Cork Ireland

You hear Paul O’Mahony & Roger Overall talking about “I know enough to be dangerous”.

Dangerous companies, perilous companies …

Japanese chef preparing fugu fish … you can die if the fish isn’t prepared properly … and not by trial & error.

If you want to be genuinely attractive in business – you can’t do what some You Tubers do… You can’t promise and keep putting off the delivery of what you’ve promised.

Paul is in a team preparing a Conference for Toastmasters in District 71 – he’s the marketing person on the team. (11-13 May 2018).

Roger asks “What is your key concern?

(1) Making it genuinely attractive, or
(2) Being overwhelmed …

Paul dramatises the work. He has to remember “everything is not dependent on me“.

Paul talks about Toastmasters. Roger highlights Cork as the best place in Cork – much more attractive than not-Cork.

With an accent like your’s Roger – you can’t ever become a Corkonian”.

At last, Paul & Roger talk Apple:

A success story … superb customer service from a guy in Lisbon…

Cork to Dublin, cross city, on to Belfast – to the only Apple Store on the island.

15 minutes about great customer service by Apple …

After that Roger contrasts the way Apple have behaved so secretively in another area …

We all need holidays – Paul even got a recommendation from the guy who helped him (on phone for about six hours over three days).

Contact Paul & Roger on http://www.showandtellcommunications.net

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