Human Element Wins Every Time

(season 5 episode 4)

Paul O’Mahony & Roger Overall chat about

The Hotel

First you hear ongoing conversation about what it’s been like for Roger & Paul to talk with each other.

Discovering what you don’t know is learning…

[There’s a dog in the corner of Paul’s kitchen – Louis the English Setter may guest on this show.]

Whining … complaining … leads to Roger’s hotel experience in UK.

The hotel Roger & John Hicks  (UK Sales Director of Show&Tell) was :
-excellent booking
– bed pristine
– shower hot & powerful
– room to hang up the suit
– plenty of plugs
– Wifi not needed
– bathroom light repaired immediately
– ideal location
– big power brick

Bishop Stortford (Hertfordshire, England, population 37,000) near Stamford Airport

What’s Roger’s complaint?

This is a poignant story about how to upset customers a lot.

The human contact (or absence of it) …
The personal touch (or lack of it) …
The communication (or a comedy of errors)…

Roger’s never described his upset feelings in such graphic terms (at least not on this podcast).

“Hostile” – “Antagonise” – “Aggressive” – “Sinistre”

A pregnant woman intending customer features in the story.

“Antagonism” – “Lying” – “Passive-aggressive”
High point on the show may be :
– Roger defending Ireland’s reputation.
“Ireland – It doesn’t rain unnecessarily” (new national strap line?)
“Eerie” – “Hostility” – “Insulted” – “Aggressive”

What’s your problem?” she said to the pregnant lady…

This is Fawlty Towers without the charm.

You better stay in another hotel.

How do you describe a hotel like this?

What makes the experience of a 5-star hotel?

Paul suggests we bring a hotel manager or hotel reviewer on the show.
What did Roger learn that’s useful to listeners?

The human element matters most
The product may be excellent – but it the experience of the human is not nice – that detracts from everything …
The formula
If P = +
“+ & – added = –
(This is work in progress.)
If your product is rubbish – you’re done for …
If your product is brilliant + you don’t treat people in a way they think is good – you’re also on a very sticky wicket …
Why was the “heavily pregnant woman” more effective than you were”

She met aggression with aggression.

Was she assertive?

Contact us
Roger Overall at
Paul O’Mahony at @omaniblog on Twitter (& other social media) & @ Show & Tell Communications
PS – “cut out self-disparaging remarks” asks Paul.

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