Being Blind to Gender is Foolish

(season 4 episode 7)

Note: This episode was live streamed via Periscope.

You hear Roger Overall somewhere in British Columbia, Canada – talking with Paul O’Mahony in his kitchen in Cork Ireland.

There’s a short conversation about Canada

First Nation people

Then a few words about Jane Boyd.

Jane Boyd, a previous host (“leading lady”) on Business Jazz, has lost her voice.

Somehow Paul & Roger started discussing gender …

Gender balance is what Paul favours.

He got fed up of panels of man. The Chinese Communist Party leadership is all men.

“Is a business more attractive to you if … ?

“Who are the customers of the business? If you serve a mixed gender popular…

Able to put out messages from both segments of your ‘target audience’..

“There can be some awful women – as well as some awful men…

Paul says “I hate stereotyping … The women I’ve met pay more attention to detail

Gay men pay more attention to detail…

Boards of companies to be more representative …

Roger – you could say I don’t care …

I’d have to be some sort of rank idiot …

You could be a hard-nosed business person

I want my daughter to self-actualise…

“Do you thank ?

“The problem is we agree with each other … boring old liberals …

I’m going to adopt a position to draw you out:

Policy level … asserting their own points of view

Women have been so excluded their ability to stand up for their point of view is weak … Men get to shout women down …

it’s a waste of time to put women on the Board…”

Our daughters are well able to express their points of view…

All other things being equal

I’d go for a dim women … there would be a variety a dim people.

all sorts of different personalities

Belbin on team roles (1980s) … not one particular types of

Several types of intelligence

Q1 Why do I feel so strongly that diversity of gender is an advantage? Where’s my evidence… 50/50 companies out perform

Iceland: Gabrella … photography project feminisation of the banking culture …

we need more of female approach …

combat these male dominated institutions …

Paul testosterone is the problem …

Men in suits got excited … bankrupted the country

You might as well hand it over to women they couldn’t do any worse

Your problem …

men have more balls for …

we don’t have evidence of women in decision-making positions

I was only talking about Boardrooms

Women are the dominant force…

CEOs suffered from types of paranoia

We agree women are capable of making decisions

haven’t had access to power & authority

women are capable of ‘exercising the upper hand’

To be genuinely

you don’t want to be accused of mysogeny


could be seen as a form of mysogeny.

Dismissing …

A point of view – I don’t recognise gender I only recognise talent

Paul has programmed himself to see gender balance & skin colour

Some say they’re blind to gender …

How do they mean that?

Roger was the only man among 40 people … in a house…

Paul there’s a fundamental problem in education – vast majority of e ch ed

I would favour quotas …

absence of male role models results in negative consequences.

Gender quotas – Paul is in favour of quotas for parliament …

This is different to any previous episode … for Paul & Roger.

If you found this useful …

Paul the male

“You’ve been listening to two men debating the gender issue.”


Author: Paul O'Mahony

I'm Paul O'Mahony (Cork). On Twitter you can reach me @Omaniblog A father. I work as business storytelling consultant - Podcaster - Blogger - Poet - Live streamer via Periscope - Foodie - naturally ambitious + love to share my contacts. Live in Glanmire, Cork Ireland Europe

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