Attract ideal people to your business

For 34 minutes, you’ll hear

Roger Overall & Paul O’Mahony grapple

with a fundamental business issues.


What must we do to attract more lovers?


In Episode 2 of Season 3 , we (Roger & Paul) grapple with a vexing challenge every business person faces.

We discuss how we’re going to achieve a big advance for this podcast: growth

  • Why should anyone trust us? (brand character)
  • What are our credentials?  (back-story)
  • What’s our track-record? (back-story)
  • Will people believe what we say? (brand credibility)
  • How’ll we get BusinessJazz Podcast better known (build awareness)
  • Should every business launch a podcast? (rush into action)
  • What about using Periscope?

Desperate for success,

you hear us give up business and take up golf

  • What kind of golf do we want to play?
  • What’s our aim?
  • What’s our No 1 golf club?
  • Who do we want to play with?

Thinking about golf

helps you think about your business

(In this we trust)

We go on to discuss really gargantuan issues, including

  • Who do we want this podcast to help?
  • Who are our ideal clients or collaborators?
  • Who am I?


We’re not fit to work for Google, MicroSoft

or any giant corporate

even if they beg us

  • With whom do you do your best work?
  • For whom will you go beyond the extra mile?
  • Why is buying ECCO Shoes a good idea?

It’s about time we asked

the blindingly obvious.

Who are our best friends & supporters?” (BFS)

What would they do for us if only we asked them?

What if we asked our best friends & supporters

Please tell one other person

about BusinessJazz Podcast

(9.5 would also be good)


we offer you advice
which hits us so hard in the face
we have to follow it immediately…

The 4 best bits of advice you’ll ever get for us

on how to start becoming genuinely attractive in business today

(listen to the last 5 minutes of the podcast)


We spoke fondly of this book 

  • The Lean Start-Up (Eric Reis) – chapter 1 & 2


We nearly spoke fondly about

  • Barkley Marathons (designed by Gary “Lazarus Lake” Cantrell)


Let’s work together – fondly




Author: businessjazzpodcast

A podcast about "how to be genuinely attractive in business today" by Roger Overall & Paul O'Mahony

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