Your Values Are Codswallop

(season 5 episode 8)

Roger Overall & Paul O’Mahony

“I have something on my mind” kicks off Paul

Napoleon, Steve Jobs,
The art of war & leadership

The public display & use of values

SWAT analysis & funding

Integrity – Quality – a list of values

Harvard Business Review

How Change Agents Branding (consultancy) came up with its key values (Manifesto)

We drew our values out of our experiences” – South Africa & UK

Key point:
our values came out of an analysis of what we were capable of. “I wasn’t capable of anything else”.

Toastmasters declare 10 promises:

(insert the Toastmasters Promise here)

Paul talks about Toastmasters – and the Promise people make when they join the organisation.

Research on Toastmasters LinkedIn Group. Paul reports on what he’s found.

BNI (Business Networking International) compared & contrasted with Toastmasters International  (Roger reports)

  • BNI Chapters – Toastmasters Clubs are local.

Singapore & Miami experience is consistent.

  • Both voluntary
  • Both local
  • Both welcome visitors
  • Both international
  • Both have ‘hierarchies”
  • Both have international conferences
  • Similar structures.

We met at BNI a long time ago

BNI insists on  ‘Substitutes’ – big difference.

The power of values-in-action contrasted with espoused value.
This is a big distinction.

Excusing dishonesty.

Organisations that have a lousy reputation

RyanAir controversy.

I would question RyanAir’s reputation” says Paul.

Niceties of service … value of cheap price

Weighting elements of their manifesto

We’ll give you cheap flights but we won’t give you good customer service” may be the RyanAir Manifesto.

Paul remembers Michael O’Leary talking when RyanAir began

Counter-cultural behaviour of RyanAir.

Trains in Germany don’t wait for you – RyanAir adopted that approach.

The power of values-in-action.

1. What do we stand for?
2. What are we capable of delivering?

Structured thinking & incorporating your values into your business.

Clarity to employees is good. For example, how we answer the phone here …

Bite Size Cafe  +  Show&Tell Communications working together.

What Bite Sized do: a list reported by Roger . (to be continued : March 2018)



(series 5 episode 7)

A raw, unscripted, free-wheeling, wide-ranging and eclectic chat about “How to be genuinely attractive in business today”.
For people in business.
“Business” means you

  • have a job
  • own a commercial enterprise (profit & not-for-profit)
  • work at anything (including housework).
    Weekly podcast by Roger Overall & Paul O’Mahony from Show&Tell Communications (HQ in Cork Ireland, trading in Ireland & UK) – available here, in iTunes and other places.

This episode begins with MISTAKES.

– The key point is to recover well.

Story No 1
is about Jack Nicholas (golfer) as told by Bob Rotella (golf coach) in one of his books.

– FORGET YOUR MISTAKES – after learning from them seems to be the message.

Paul: “I do not know what direction this podcast will go”.

Roger: “Is that because of your experience?”

Story No 2:
Heart Surgeon in USA at 93 years of age.

“How old will I be when I stop working for money?” says Roger
These guys work today :
Ridley Scott (born 1937, English film director & producer.
Warren Buffet (born 1930, American business magnate, investor, & philanthropist, serves as chairman & CEO of Berkshire Hathaway – Wiki)
Stan Lee (born 1922, American comic-book writer, editor, film executive producer, and publisher – Wiki))
Walt Disney Inc
Floyd Norman (born June 22, 1935) is an American animator, writer, and comic book artist – Wiki)

People who retain experienced people make the business attractive” says Roger.

The Internet Age: Have the rules about how to do business changed? And if so, how much have they changed?

How recently did a business have to think about cashflow?

Example of Egyptian Pyramids.

Story No 3:
Jane Boyd’s father (in Canada) drove miles to build relationships.

“Automated relationships”

Story No 4:
Instagram Adverts.

The “Free” Economy.

Communications spoiled. Frequency makes the experience unattractive -say Roger.

Interrupting. Annoying.

How can we make our ads desired?
How can we make our ads relevant?

Story No 5:
Amazon interruptions.

Get me Ad-blocker

Story No 6:
Waiter’s job is to interrupt – Lourdes Story


(season 5 episode 6)

Podcasting from Cork Ireland.

There is a clock ticking during this episode …

“People can hear their life ticking away…” says Roger.

Your time gets more valuable the longer you live …” says Roger.

I’m charged out at a much higher rate than you Roger …” says Paul.

Elliott Erwitt, the photographer – how does he think?

Coffee chat comes next.

No coffee company sponsors Business Jazz – “we’re not attractive enough yet” says Paul

Gary Vaynerchuk went ranting yesterday – says Roger.

The contrast between your two personalities is significant” says Paul

Parents shouldn’t impose their dreams on their children …

At the beginning of his business career Gary Vaynerchuk worked in the family business. He was living his parents’ dream – wasn’t he?

Gary took the conventional route” says Paul.

I knew his father, I played golf with his father, mixed foursomes with his parents …” says Paul.

Call him on Skype” says Paul.

Casey Neistat , the You Tuber, doesn’t like being asleep – Roger says.

FOMO = fear of missing out

“How is this at all relevant Roger …? –

Gary Vaynerchuk is a trombone says Paul

Customer service plea by Roger

sounds like sloppy stuff” says Paul.

I’m really going to enjoy things when I retire” – Paul sounds horrified as he reports that he’s heard many people saying this.

Let’s try and think of the others” pleads Paul to Roger.

You’ll end up in a job you hate …” Roger says

After work I can go to opera” says Paul

It’s not the end of the world to be in a job your don’t like” says Paul.

Paul gives a sermon on “Suck it up“.

You are become the most amazing stoic …” intones Roger.

Clever use of rhyme perhaps.

8 hours a day = 1/3 of your life, says mathematician Roger.

Business Jazz Podcast is for people who like their job and for people who don’t like their job. This is an equal opportunity podcast.

Are you absolutely sure this is the right job for you?” = a great question for a consultant to use.

Are you absolutely sure you’re on the right planet?” (as Elan Musk says)

Gary Vaynerchuk’s life summarised by Roger …

We can tell a story” says Paul – as he starts to speak about a job he began ages ago.

How Paul learned a lot from bad experiences in London.

I’m distracted by the ticking clock … ” blurts Paul.

Roger takes his turn at telling a story.

You can connect with Paul & Roger – “Personally on line” – at

Thank goodness
– the next episode will sound very different

The End.

Keep your clothes on every day

(season 5 episode 5)

(29 minutes)
This is about “Dressing for work”.

First you hear Paul tell Roger about “The White Company” …

Roger brings Steve Jobs in his polo neck onto the catwalk …

Paul introduces Rita Clifton‘s dress (“Rita Ann Clifton CBE is a British advertising professional and a former UK Chairman of Interbrand who currently works as a speaker, facilitator, writer, and non-executive director of a portfolio of companies.” – Wiki)

The big issue: Should you dress the way your clients expect you to dress?

Are you at your most attractive when you dress to fit in?

Human Element Wins Every Time

(season 5 episode 4)

Paul O’Mahony & Roger Overall chat about

The Hotel

First you hear ongoing conversation about what it’s been like for Roger & Paul to talk with each other.

Discovering what you don’t know is learning…

[There’s a dog in the corner of Paul’s kitchen – Louis the English Setter may guest on this show.]

Whining … complaining … leads to Roger’s hotel experience in UK.

The hotel Roger & John Hicks  (UK Sales Director of Show&Tell) was :
-excellent booking
– bed pristine
– shower hot & powerful
– room to hang up the suit
– plenty of plugs
– Wifi not needed
– bathroom light repaired immediately
– ideal location
– big power brick

Bishop Stortford (Hertfordshire, England, population 37,000) near Stamford Airport

What’s Roger’s complaint?

This is a poignant story about how to upset customers a lot.

The human contact (or absence of it) …
The personal touch (or lack of it) …
The communication (or a comedy of errors)…

Roger’s never described his upset feelings in such graphic terms (at least not on this podcast).

“Hostile” – “Antagonise” – “Aggressive” – “Sinistre”

A pregnant woman intending customer features in the story.

“Antagonism” – “Lying” – “Passive-aggressive”
High point on the show may be :
– Roger defending Ireland’s reputation.
“Ireland – It doesn’t rain unnecessarily” (new national strap line?)
“Eerie” – “Hostility” – “Insulted” – “Aggressive”

What’s your problem?” she said to the pregnant lady…

This is Fawlty Towers without the charm.

You better stay in another hotel.

How do you describe a hotel like this?

What makes the experience of a 5-star hotel?

Paul suggests we bring a hotel manager or hotel reviewer on the show.
What did Roger learn that’s useful to listeners?

The human element matters most
The product may be excellent – but it the experience of the human is not nice – that detracts from everything …
The formula
If P = +
“+ & – added = –
(This is work in progress.)
If your product is rubbish – you’re done for …
If your product is brilliant + you don’t treat people in a way they think is good – you’re also on a very sticky wicket …
Why was the “heavily pregnant woman” more effective than you were”

She met aggression with aggression.

Was she assertive?

Contact us
Roger Overall at
Paul O’Mahony at @omaniblog on Twitter (& other social media) & @ Show & Tell Communications
PS – “cut out self-disparaging remarks” asks Paul.

“Read Your Customer’s Emotions Perfectly”

(season 5 episode 3)

Podcasting from Cork Ireland

You hear Paul O’Mahony & Roger Overall talking about “I know enough to be dangerous”.

Dangerous companies, perilous companies …

Japanese chef preparing fugu fish … you can die if the fish isn’t prepared properly … and not by trial & error.

If you want to be genuinely attractive in business – you can’t do what some You Tubers do… You can’t promise and keep putting off the delivery of what you’ve promised.

Paul is in a team preparing a Conference for Toastmasters in District 71 – he’s the marketing person on the team. (11-13 May 2018).

Roger asks “What is your key concern?

(1) Making it genuinely attractive, or
(2) Being overwhelmed …

Paul dramatises the work. He has to remember “everything is not dependent on me“.

Paul talks about Toastmasters. Roger highlights Cork as the best place in Cork – much more attractive than not-Cork.

With an accent like your’s Roger – you can’t ever become a Corkonian”.

At last, Paul & Roger talk Apple:

A success story … superb customer service from a guy in Lisbon…

Cork to Dublin, cross city, on to Belfast – to the only Apple Store on the island.

15 minutes about great customer service by Apple …

After that Roger contrasts the way Apple have behaved so secretively in another area …

We all need holidays – Paul even got a recommendation from the guy who helped him (on phone for about six hours over three days).

Contact Paul & Roger on